Why we care

At the age of 20, I got my first job in property management, responsible for coordinating rentals, turnovers, maintenance and repairs.

I fell completely in love with the detail of New York City architecture and began to learn everything I could about the proper way to maintain, repair and renovate in this city.

Our mission at BMR is to offer landlords and managers in NYC the kind of care that keeps a property’s value climbing and tenants happy. We make landlords and tenants happy by providing cost-efficient maintenance, and impeccable renovations that are fast and built to last.

We also want you to know you are working with the best. You’ll receive a straightforward estimate with no obligation, professional work by experienced workers and always, always, clear communication before, during and after your project. Our crews show up on time, clean up when they leave and respect your budget and schedule.

Ask us to come take a tour of your sites. We’ll talk cabinet-making, floor-polishing and what you expect from BMR if you choose to become our client.